Additional Legends

Legend has it that the mighty dragon Augino used the Dragaroos in an incredibly ambitious way. He had taken numerous Dragaroos on as pets once more, as his ancestors had before him, somehow training them to be extremely loyal and obey his commands. During the Battle of Eventry in Yar B23, he attached his Dragaroos into a modified waistcoat that he wore like a suit of armor. He’d taught the creatures to release their powers in conjunction with one another, using their capabilities as his own. At any given time, all you could see of the mighty Augino were wisps of smoke as he darted across the battlefield, and gliding through the sea as a mere band of shimmering dots, mowing down his opponents before they knew what hit them. History says he defeated the Phinneas the Donkle by allowing himself to be cornered, letting his enemy go in for what he thought was a final strike. Finding only empty space filled with Augino-shaped shadow instead, the mighty hero disposed of his nemesis from behind with a swell of dragon fire. Unfortunately, the weakness he inherited by using such a strategy led to his own demise mere hours later.

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