Gender: Female

Kingdom: Vattenland

Element: Water

Limited Edition: 100 prints

Aquadra is a confident, loyal, and smart dragon. The ocean is beloved to her, and she enjoys exploring its wonders. Very likable and gracious, Aquadra gets along with all the sea creatures. Aquadra is an adept swimmer for her young age, able to dart untouched through the tight canyons of coral that surround the sunken kingdom of Vattenland. Her body can curve around sharp corners that many cannot, though her slender, fragile frame also leaves her susceptible to

outside dangers. While not one of the most potent undersea dragons, she utilizes several methods of camouflage to escape possible threats, such as her ability to imitate one of the sea’s deadliest predators. Straightening herself out completely, she tucks her arms tight and faces forward with only her wings and the scales on her head protruding from her elongated frame. She then cocks her wings inward and rapidly flaps her powerful, long ears, her tail leading the charge instead of her head as she propels herself backward through the drifts. With only the pointed tips of her wings and the ridges of her noggin breaking the surface as she shoots through the water, one would more likely believe her to be a poisonous Loch-Sharc, a creature few would trifle with!

Aquadra has been known to vanish for significant amounts of time, popping up when least expected and surprising others with her sudden reappearances. When encountering dangers that leave her little time to mimic a Loch-Sharc and retreat, she quickly flattens her body and smacks herself tail-first into the soft soil of the seafloor. Puffing out the fronds of her ears, she takes on the appearance of surrounding flora until danger passes. She can remain this way for hours (if not longer), finding the position meditative, sometimes losing track of time in the process.

It’s possible that as she grows into adulthood, Aquadra could utilize her powers of mimicry to a greater extent. Looking the part of an approaching predator is beneficial, but the ability to drift in one place as if a harmless frond of Vatten-weed for extended periods could be utilized as subterfuge versus simple disguise. As she ages, she must be careful remaining in such a state for too long lest those moments of blissful reflection grow too enticing to stay within permanently. She could find herself eternally planted in the ground before realizing it, her mind content to listen to the crash of the waves far above, the song of the sea like a lullaby. Aquadra could become Fyra Oyer’s only dragon gone missing entirely by choice, forever adrift in dreams.

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