Gender: Male

Kingdom: Drekaland

Element: Earth

Limited Edition: 50 prints

Wandering the grassy hills of Drekaland is a dragon whose true name has never been revealed, known affectionately by his friends as Chase. For a long time, he was merely a figure looking on from afar, watching others as they’d play and mimicking some of their actions. While some shyer dragons prefer to remain more aloof, Chase was happy to be spotted by others, constantly in motion as if hearing music in his head. Were his moving and grooving not noticeable enough, he seemed to be everywhere at the same time, showing up in one place and then another almost instantaneously. This attribute gave him his nickname, appearing wherever those he chose to follow were, sometimes before they’d even arrived. It was as if he were ‘chasing’ them down, bopping gleefully on the outskirts to an inner rhythm.

While Chase was eventually welcomed in by various groups of friends, he wasn’t the one that made the initial introductions, as solitude didn’t bother him much. He was content watching from the outside as if an inner confidence told him that inclusion was inevitable and solidarity should

be enjoyed while he had it. He’s since become content with his name and those that have chosen to accept him as family, though Chase will always move to the beat of his own drummer.

The reason Chase seemed to appear almost immediately in numerous locations was his unique capability to fold reality. Without effort (and sometimes out of his control), whenever he’d focus on being somewhere else quickly, he merely closed his eyes and found himself transported elsewhere in a flash. Despite his given moniker, he didn’t chase anyone, ‘blipping’ from one place to the next and often beating them there.

While Chase’s power was something he didn’t comprehend to be unique to himself alone, he’s ironically started to earn his designation. As he’s grown, his blipping ability has begun to diminish, and keeping up while traveling great distances is occasionally a problem. Luckily, Chase’s exuberant attitude keeps him positive, and over time may not even be something he notices missing.

One thing that makes Chase stand out immediately (aside from his impressive dance moves) is his peculiar black hat. To say the adornment is uncommon would be an understatement, and his manner of acquiring it still puzzles him. Little does he know that he was responsible for its appearance, as during one of the dragon’s fast-traveling moments, it landed on the ground in front of him upon arrival. As Chase blipped from one place to another, bending space and time for that half-second, the hat arrived from somewhere in-between- the past, future, or perhaps an alternate reality altogether. What was it, and did it have a use? Did the strange hieroglyphics on it stand for anything in particular, and did it have power? He had no idea, but it fit upon his head, felt perfect, and has stayed there ever since.

The question remains, however… was it the only thing that fell out of space and time?

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