Dragaroos after the seige of Drakon

The unrest that crept across the land as King Drakon overtook all of Fyra Oyer’s adult dragons was felt in the soil, the trees, and within the drifts of the waves themselves. The Dragaroos sensed the disturbance, and for the first time since they’d roamed the lands alongside their dragon masters, an inner focus came upon them. The species as a whole felt suddenly compelled and driven to come out of the shadows once more. The creatures they’d been scavengers of had disappeared, their food source depleted, and perhaps it meant that a third wave of their evolution was upon them and out there to embrace.

Little did they know, the dragons’ offspring were roaming the land with powers and abilities still being refined. As the Dragaroos came together to retake the lands they’d once dominated freely, the younger dragons were more than capable to take on their opponents. While diminutive in size, the Dragaroos utilized their numbers to swarm, attacking with fierce concentration. Despite their seemingly endless population, they posed little threat to the newly-born beasts, primed to rule the land themselves. They did provide ample opportunity for training and honing their young abilities however, for while the Dragaroos didn’t provide a significant threat, they were plentiful…

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