Dragaroo Powers

Running across the various lands of Fyra Oyer, skittering between crevices and darting between rocks, are the Dragaroos. More often than not, they trail the dragons from the shadows, waiting for them to drop scraps of food, grabbing their morsels and scurrying back into hiding before being noticed. Long ago, they were a great deal larger in size and acted as noble pets and fierce companions to older dragons, though as food got scarce and the creatures became more divided across the lands, their bodies devolved both in size and strength. Now scavengers, they retain mere shades of their former powers, modified for survival and elusiveness.

Dragaroos on each island have adapted to meet the challenges of their landscape. In Eldurland, where they once protected their dragon masters with fiery breath, they are known as Little Smokies, and can emit smoke clouds in order to conceal themselves. The Klakiland natives have termed the elusive creatures Loch-Skags, and they are prominent mostly along the near-frozen fingers of the Wendinian Canals, disappearing behind misty fogs of ice crystals expelled from their nostrils. Further west in Drekaland, they use claws that once swiped through the trunks of trees to scale them quick as a flash instead, and are known as Tree-Flarks. Darting quickly through the tides of Vattenland, they weave themselves amongst the waves as Nits, invisible aside from the glowing colors of their eyes and the puffs of ink they expel when threatened.

While the Dragaroos previous abilities have continued to regress and wane, one particular strength that all have gained is their capacity to MIMIC themselves. As a last line of defense, Dragaroos can manipulate their own shadows, appearing to trade places w

ith their darker counterparts in order to escape. Just when you think to have one in your grasp, you might end up with only a wispy illusion instead, as they’re able to seamlessly create a smoky, dark façade of themselves that mimics their size and shape as they hastily flee. The deception weakens the creatures immensely, a power utilized only when all other options are exhausted.


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