Gender: Female

Kingdom: Klakiland

Element: Ice

Limited Edition: 50 prints

Should you be skating across the icy lakes of Drekaland, you might catch the curious glances of a dragon by the name of Eira. Choosing most often to observe versus interact, she is quite content watching others play and go about their business from afar. She is a very intelligent dragon with a keen sense of understanding the true personalities of those she sees, from their foibles to overall intentions. Perfectly suited to telling you the exact nature of someone’s actions (whether they want them revealed or not), she sniffs out untruths and has no filter in exposing the actual plans of others. She is equally quick to compliment, stating praises as if simple facts everyone should already know. Eira delivers only direct and unbiased communication, devoid of all pretense.

Her wise and thoughtful nature has made many seek Eira out for advice, as her true feelings aren’t easily masked even when she chooses to remain silent. If threatened or feeling uneasy in her surroundings, she can camouflage herself instantly from sight, expertly mimicking the colors of her environment. These powers of avoiding confrontation contrast moments when she becomes excited or happy, as the horns on her head retract to summon forth little sprigs of lightning into the air. For better or worse, you always know where you stand with Eira!

As time goes on, Eira could develop her skills to become quite powerful, depending on her influences. The electricity that crackles from beneath her horns may be mere sparks while she is young but could later summon great bolts from the clouds. She may even be able to redirect that power, emitting lightning from her jaws versus torrents of fire. Considering her ability to blend into her surroundings, she could very well be one of the more physically powerful dragons upon reaching adulthood. On the other hand, her naïve and demure personality could leave her open to outside pressures, should she comprehend intentions mistakenly.

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