Gender: Female

Kingdom: Drekaland

Element: Earth

Limited Edition: 100 prints

Fleta is a female dragon from Drekaland whose body hasn’t seemed to catch up with her spirit. Her back legs matured early, already strong and prepared for swift running and jumping, but are too big for her little frame. As a result, Fleta often has to drag herself by her front paws, as the length of her hind limbs while standing leaves her hunched uncomfortably. Still, she takes it with a good sense of humor in public, knowing her body will fit better as she grows, though she’s quick to shut down insults from those she is related to or close with.

Fleta feels most at home in the water, less awkward and more balanced, telling others that she wished she had been born closer to Vattenland. The power in her appendages makes her a fast swimmer during the rare times she’s near the great sea, though most of her friends reside closer to the innermost parts of Drekaland, much to her dismay. In-between playing with them, she practices trying to blow fire, which still only appears as puffs of small, purple flame.

Fleta doesn’t know that her parents were both very swift runners, and if focused on sharpening her skills, she could likely become the fastest dragon on land in existence. Her heart lies in the water though, and she looks forward to being old enough to where going off entirely on her own to explore such places doesn’t make her too nervous.

If her ancestry is any sign of things, Fleta will also have mighty wings as she grows older. Once she can fully take to the air, she may find dodging clouds similar enough to swimming along the ocean trenches she most desires. Ironically, she’ll likely prefer being anywhere but upon the solid earth despite being so skilled at traversing such terrain, should her opinions hold as they are now. However, a time may come when her physical attributes make her the first choice for certain land quests, whether she likes it or not.

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