Juni Leaves

Juni Leaves


How do you get a Juni Leaf?

Juni leaves were originally airdropped to all Augino OG Statue holders in February 2021. Each statue holder received 2 leaves. One pink and one blue. Additional Juni leaves may be found while playing the Coddle Garden game.

What are Juni Leaves for?

Using a Juni Leaf when breeding your dragons allows you to predetermine the sex of your baby dragon.

Using a pink leaf means you will have a female baby, a blue leaf means a male. You must present the Juni leaf at the time of the breeding.

Additionally, you may use two Juni Leaves to ensure that your breeding pair has twins.

You may not use a Juni leaf for a Genesis baby.

Please note that Juni Leaves are one time use. By using a leaf, you lose it, so please use it wisely.


Story of the Juni Leaves:


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